Enjoy a fun day out of Jurassic proportions

Welcome to “Jurassic Bay,” the most thrilling crazy golf experience you’ve ever encountered! Nestled
in the heart of a lush, Jurassic-inspired landscape, this dinosaur-themed mini-golf course promises an
adventure for all ages, from hatchling to pre-historic. As you step through the gates, you are
transported back in time to an era when colossal creatures ruled the Earth.

The course features 18 uniquely designed holes, each with its own Jurassic twist. Imagine putting
past a towering t-rex or navigating your ball over a green lagoon. The vibrant and lush greenery is
filled with life-sized dinosaur replicas, adding an element of awe and excitement to every swing.
The sound of distant roars and rustling leaves creates an immersive atmosphere, making players feel
like intrepid explorers in a land lost to history.

Jurassic Bay is not just a crazy golf course; it’s a journey through time, a thrilling adventure, and a
family-friendly destination for all to enjoy.


Enjoy a fun day out of Jurassic proportions. Our 18-hole themed adventure golf is guaranteed to thrill the whole family, from the hatchling to the prehistoric. Each hole provides an action-packed fun challenge and as you complete the course, you will find yourself face to face with our full-sized lifelike dinosaurs for an unforgettable adventure.


No booking is required to play on Jurassic Bay, you can simply pay and play upon arrival.
Alternatively, you can purchase golf vouchers online to use at any time, T&C’s apply. If you’re looking
to bring a larger group to play, please contact us to book.